1 hour payday loans

Avramloans.com is an online service for providing loans through the interaction of a client with a third-party lender.

Such types of loans promise their clients fast approval, no hard credit checks. Moreover, the whole procedure is Online which makes

1-hour payday loans even more attractive for those who is in urgent need of money. But is it really so? In the text below you’ll know about the basic characteristics of such loans.

Hour Payday Loans USA

1-hour payday loan and its peculiarities

First of all, it’s a short-term loan, which means that you are to pay back approximately in two weeks. Second, in spite of the fact that it is called 1-hour payday loan, you still can be given money within 24 hours. But you’ll receive the answer concerning your approval within one hour. No more. Depending on a lender, the process can be faster than 24 hours. In some cases it can be the day of your application. These details are to be checked with a particular lender.

1-hour loan VS. bad credit

In this relation 1-hour loans are much more attractive in comparison with traditional ways (banks). Of course, lenders can check some background information, but it’s not hard. It’s not a secret that clients with a good credit score have all the chances for being approved. But bad credit score can’t prevent you from taking small amounts of money. Anyway, every application is to be considered, and in every case it is lender who makes a final decision: to lend or not and on what terms and conditions.

1-hour payday loans Online VS. Hard credit check

Unlike traditional ways of taking a loan, 1-hour payday loans don’t practice hard credit checks. When you apply via bank they do. Moreover, this check can affect your overall score. One more reason to opt for 1-hour loans is that they don’t have such an impact on your score. So, your financial reputation stays clear. It’s a rare thing when our lenders perform soft checks. But they are much faster and do not make harm to your reputation.

1-hour loans: ways to apply

The whole process is pretty simple. As soon as you’ve filled in an application form, you receive the answer. Unlike with traditional ways of borrowing the money can be transmitted to you banking account in less than 1 day. The speed can be explained by the fact that to verify information the lenders don’t refer to hard credit checks.

What are the criteria for being approved?

For positive reply you are to comply with certain crucial parameters:
Provide a lender with:

  • A set of documents:
    • proof of identity;
    • proof of income.
  • Be at least 18 years old and older is compulsory.
  • To have a regular income is a must.
  • Active banking account is necessary.

If something is wrong with the documents or you don’t comply with certain criteria you are forbidden to take a 1-hour payday loan.

1-hour payday loan: to take or not?

You should realize that opting for a loan is the last chance for you to cover your expenses or debts. But before making such a decision you should consider other variants: side jobs, for instance, or renting a part of your house or a flat. If there’s no such possibility, take a loan. Bear in mind that you should opt for sums of money that you’ll be able to pay back. 1-hour loans is a good alternative: fast and reliable. But you are responsible for paying it back without delays.